Adoption Process

**** Please note; Although we rescue cockers from the whole of QLD , our dogs are only for adoption to South East Queensland and Northern NSW ( we like to do home inspections and be available to come and help during the settling in period. All our dogs are to be inside/outside dogs, That means they are welcome in the house and on the lounge and will sleep inside.


Step 1) After applications are submitted, the best matched application/s for each individual dog are selected (based on each dog’s personality, needs, age, exercise regime etc).
Step 2) ‘Meet and Greets’ are arranged in a local dog park (neutral territory is important so that the foster dog and potential new playmate both feel at ease)
Step 3) Of all the ‘Meet and Greets’, the best matched family/s are selected for a house and yard inspection.
Step 4) If both parties (adopter and Cocker Spaniel Rescue Qld Inc) are in agreement, the foster dog may go on a 4 week home trial (subject to adoption fee paid and contract signed)
Step 5) Hopefully dog and master fall in love, and CSRQ completes all final paperwork for the family!

Please note: Please understand that CSRQ members are volunteers, doing this out of the kindness of their hearts, they all have full-time jobs, families and their own cockers to look after. Please understand if it sometimes takes a little longer for you to meet your bundle of joy or return phone calls.




Pre-Adoption Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in adopting a Rescue Cocker! Together we can save a life and make a difference! Your responses to these questions are confidential. The purpose of this questionnaire is to help find the perfect match between Cocker adopter and Cocker, ensuring a lifelong happy relationship.

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